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Power Quality

Power quality issues are becoming more prevalent today and the need for an audit is justified because all machines are designed to work on clean power without disturbances. FORETEC proactive approach to power quality Efficiency ...

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Portable PQ Analysers

Since many years, Foretec was listening the demand of our clients for a dust and waterproof & rugged PQ analyser at economical in pricing, we developed advanced, powerful, user friendly analysers. Multiple models to suits with our customer’s needs and surely cost effective, but uncompromised on quality.

PQ SMART-133           PQ SMART- 47S

PQ Event Generator

Foretec Electric invented few different models of PQ Event Generator, through which events like Sag, Swell, Interruption, Transient, Harmonics and Notches can be generated in real time. The key purpose of this development is showing the reality and instigation of interest to the students in the field of PQ. This can be used by Research scholars/PQ analyser sellers, etc.,

PQ Event Generator-SSIG-01

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Active Filter vs Passive Filter

PHF @ 450 kw furnace

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