FORETEC ELECTRIC offers a wide range of portable power analyzers designed to measure, display and/or record the most important parameters of an electrical network. With the analysis of the electrical parameters, the user can find out the power consumption of the installation or detect problems within it.


  • Portable power analyzers are units designed for easy transportation, and temporary and simple installation; they are also capable of measuring electrical parameters whether or not the data is recorded in the memory.
  • As Foretec understands the small, Micro level industry, panel builders and Energy Managers for their day to day requirement of Power Analysis, which has to be rugged and low cost importantly high accuracy and reliability, trust we fulfilled all these requirements at our level best.
  • All of FORETEC ELECTRIC power analyzers have internal memory available where measured and calculated parameters are recorded.

  • Angles of each of the loads for the analysis of reactive power, therefore avoiding penalties.
  • Analysis of defects in the supply or quality events to determine the causes of unwanted tripping of protection, restarting electronic equipment, or PLCs
  • Measurement of the harmonics of the installation that cause conductor warming, high neutral currents, and resonances with reactive compensation equipment.

  • Portable power analyzer for three-phase and single-phase electrical networks with simultaneous measurement of power and energy, power quality and recording of transients, Sag, swell and interruption.
  • PQ Smart 47S is the best tool for visualizing and analyzing the network’s problems.
  • TRMS measurement Includes meter for energy consumed and generated.

Technical Specifications

Base ParameterYes
% THD V/IYes
Sag/Swell and InterruptionYes
Fundamental Frequecy50Hz
Individual Harmonics (V & I)Up to 51*
No of Sample in One Period128 Samples
Memory 16 MB
Maximum Voltage690 VAC (VLL)
Frequency45-65 Hz
Measurement ParametersCurrent, Voltage, Energy, THD I, THD V, PF, Cosø
Events Records & StorageYes
Dimension96 x 96

Standard Accessories

Voltage Probes4 Sets (R,Y,B) with Crocodile Clips
Power Supply Card
USB Cable
Log Viewer Software
Current Probes (Standard)
Optional – Other ratios
500 A Rogowsky 3 Sets with Integrator (or) 1000 A Rogowsky
Optional a. Entbus Plus Software foradvance Data View
b. Rogowsky or Clamps with different current rating and length of coil from 5A to 10,000 Amperes